Gesytec launches HD-PLC on the market

Gesytec launches first devices for fast and industrial powerline communication according to HD-PLC standard. With a DIN rail module and a LON HD-PLC router, robust and fast Ethernet over power lines can be used. Distances of over 10 km can be bridged with up to 90 Mbit/s. Gesytec presents the devices at the AHR Expo 2019 in Atlanta.

The Easylon HD-PLC bridge couples Ethernet and RS485 devices via powerline according to HD-PLC standard, standardized in IEEE1901 and ITU.T G9905. The device is suitable for any Ethernet communication or tunneling of e.g. Modbus/RTU via power lines. Length restrictions of Ethernet or electrical problems of RS485 can thus be eliminated. The device works both as a master or terminal for HD-PLC and as a master for the upcoming CNP-HD-PLC standard according to EN 14908-8 or ANSI/CTA 709.8. BACnet/IP is also supported. Applications thus exist in building and industrial automation, but also for communication at filling stations and in particular where existing cabling is to be reused or Ethernet or RS485 cannot be used due to its physical expansion. The device is also suitable as an HD-PLC interface for PCs or PLCs, or for generating a Lon HD-PLC router.

With a further software version, the Easylon Router Plus, proven many thousands of times over, becomes a LON HD-PLC router using the Easylon HD-PLC bridge. This makes the LON world the first router available for connecting an HD-PLC network with a standard LON network using TP/FT-10 or LON/IP. As usual, the router is extremely easy to configure and convinces with its high data throughput. Of course, the Easylon Router Plus conforms to all ISO/IEC 14908 standards. Mixed HD-PLC and TP/FT-10 applications can now be implemented.